Filling packing line

Stand up pouch filling capping machine

Applicable for: stand up pouch packing and spout pouch packing of juice,jam, sauce, wine, milk etc
Consist of: Bag loading automatically,filling automatically, capping automatically, nitrogen flushing and ink coding are available.
Industry: food, chemical,cosmetic, pharmacy
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Stand up pouch filling capping machine
This machine is widely used in filling and capping of water, jelly, juice, wine, sauce, honey etc into stand up pouch bags and spout pouch bags.

1.This machine integrater air and electric control

2.PLC and touch scrren control, easy operation, low default

3.Piston dosing, with high filling precision and no leakage

4.Working process is: bag loading automatically-automatic filling-spout washing-automatic capping-final product out, and nitrogen flushing and ink coding can be selected.

Filling volume 100-500ml  500ml-1000ml  2000ml
Filling nozzles 4 nozzles 6nozzles
Filling temperature 25-100 centi degree
Speed 30-40bags/min(4nozzles 100ml)
Filling precision 1%
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Dimension 3800*2175*2000mm
Weight 1000kg